Brief History of Cameroon:

The name Cameroon has had several spellings according to its colonial history. Indeed, it is written Camaroes in Portuguese, Kamerun in German, Cameroon in English and Cameroon French.

The territory was colonized by the Germans in 1914 and was placed under French and British mandate by the League of Nations (League of Nations) after the First World War from 1914 to 1918. France inherited the greater part known as East Cameroon. While Great Britain managed western Cameroon.

On 1 January 1960, the French party gained independence under the new name of “Republic of Cameroon”. On February 11, 1961, a plebiscite was organized in Western Cameroon, under the supervision of the United Nations, in which the people massively voted for automatic independence and unification with the Republic of Cameroon. The unification took place on 1 October 1961.

Thus, the Federal Republic of Cameroon was born after the reunification of the two parties. On May 20, 1972, a referendum was organized by which Cameroon became a “United Republic” and by a presidential decree of 1984, the Republic of Cameroon.