Resume for the Ambassador:


Name and Surname: ZANGA Antoine
Date and place of birth: October 15, 1947 in AKAK (Nanga – Eboko), Department of  Sanaga, Central Province


1953-1959: Primary school of the Catholic Mission of Nguinda (Nanga – Eboko)
1959 – 1963: Petit Séminaire Saint-Joseph of Akono (from the 6th to the 3rd)
1963 – 1965: Small Seminary of Saint Teresa of Mva’a (from 2nd to 1st)
1965 – 1966: Seminary of Saint Teresa of Mvolyé (Terminale)
1966 – 1968: Major Seminary of Otélé
1968 – 1970: Major Seminary of Nkolbisson
1970 – 1974: Faculty of Law and Economics of Yaounde
1974 – 1975: University of Social Sciences of Toulouse (Faculty of Law)
1975 – 1978: University of Paris X-Nanterre of Paris V – Malakoff and Institute of Higher Studies of Paris.


1970: Special Examination of entrance to the Faculty of Law (Yaounde), Special Examination of Entry in Faculty of Letters (Yaoundé)
1974: License in Public Law (Yaoundé)
1975: Diploma of Higher Studies in Public Law (Toulouse)
1978: Diploma of the Institute of HAUTES International Studies (Paris II)
1978: Doctorate of State in Public Law (Paris V)


Lecturer in Law Faculty of Yaounde

– Lectures on Internal Economic Public Law, International Institutions, the African International System, and the State Administrative Organization.
– Directed works of Constitutional Law and Public International Law.
Associate Professor at the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon

– Course on International Development Law (1979/1980)
– Seminar on the Global System (1980/81)
– Member of several juries of defense of memories at the IRIC.
Professor at the National High School of Police of Yaounde:

– Magistral Course of Constitutional Law
– Administrative Law Course
Recruitment course for young teachers at the International Institute of Human Rights in Strasbourg (June-July 1981 session)
Internship in Humanitarian Organizations in Geneva (Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, League of Red Cross Societies, International Committee of the Red Cross, ILO and United Nations Commission on Human Rights): 1981
Secretary General of the General Encyclopedia of Cameroon
Attaché to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic
Attaché to the Office of the President of the Republic
Mission to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic
Technical Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office – State Secretariat for Domains
Secretary of State for Town Planning and Habitat
Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic
Minister of the City
Postmaster General


State Thesis Subject: “OAU and the Pacific Settlement of Disputes”
Subject of dissertation to the IHEI of Paris: «Cameroonian Diplomacy»
“International Development Institutions”, handout, IRIC, Yaoundé, 1979/1980
“The French Intervention in the Central African Republic, of 20 September 1979”, in the DIPLOMATIC WORLD, April 1980
“The Case of Western Sahara in the Light of the Advisory Opinion of the IOC of 16 October 1975”, in LEGAL AFRICA, No. 2, September 1980
“Territorial Development and Urbanism in Cameroon”, in GENERAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CAMEROON, Editions N.E.A 1981
“The Representation of the State”, in LEGAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AFRICA, published in 1982
“Inter-African Bilateral Relations”, co-editing with Professor Joseph OWONA, in LEGAL ENCYCLOPEDIA, published in 1982
“National Defense in Francophone African States”, co-authored with Professor Joseph Owona, article commissioned and written in 1982 for the UN Special Session on Disarmament.

GOVERNMENT 9/04/1992 - 19/09/1996

– Secretary of State for Domains
– Secretary of State for Town Planning and Habitat in Charge of the Domains
– 19/09/1996 – 07/12/1997: Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet
– 07/12/1997 – 18/03/2000: Minister of the city
– 23/04/2004 – 08/12/2004: Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
– 25/01/2008: Ambassador of Cameroon to the SAINT – headquarters

His Holiness the Pope with the Ambassador